I Am Multiverse

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Miss Multiverse executive producers

This program gives you access to our trademark assets and TV show footage for post production and editing purposes. To get started, choose from one of the episodes in our channel, download raw footage, edit the video storyline to match the show-bible. Finally Render HD industry specification, create metadata with a good cover and you’re good to go!


Elimination style competition and TV reality Show I AM MULTIVERSE. Following women from around the world as they compete in the most extreme competition. Testing substance, intellect, drive and achievement beyond beauty.  Don’t miss a Single Episode!!!


Outstanding women whose lives revolve around glamor and perfection come together to pursue their dreams of winning ¨I Am Multiverse¨. They soon discover the rules of the game are in fact ¨not so simple.¨ Don’t miss a Single Episode!!!


The Last Woman Standing. This is an intensive exercise of six hours, under the blistering sun. Contestants are able to quit and tap out at any time until... the last woman remains standing. Don’t miss a Single Episode!!!


Following the challenges among a group of women from different nationalities in pursue of winning the ultimate title, we learn that Modern Women are Multi-faceted, Multi-talented, Multi-skilled and Much more; they are independent, educated and empowered they are ̈Miss Multiverse ̈. Don’t miss a Single Episode!!!


Which of these women will have what it takes to be the most amazing woman on earth. We are looking for the woman who has it all. Testing substance, intellect, drive and achievement beyond beauty. Don’t miss a Single Episode!!!

professional editing tools

Use professional editing tools you already master on every project.

Work process

Step by step


Step 1. sign contract

To get started please read and sign the contract. Make sure to contact us for any Q&A.

Step 2. download raw content

Access and download the raw footage of the specific episode you will be editing.

Step 3. first assembly - revision 1

Assemble story line rough cut. No effects, No Transitions.

Step 4. directors cut - Revision 2

Final Revision to industry specs for OTT distribution: VIDEO: Pro-res 422 HQ - 1920x1080 - 25fps / AUDIO: LUFs 24 - Stereo LPCM 24-bit, 48kHz.

Step 5. aggregator - Global Distribution

TVOD (Paid Transactional) - iTunes, Vudu, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, FandangoNow, Hoopla, Vimeo
SVOD (Subscription) - Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, YouTube Red, ConTV, Dove, Netflix (for films with names)
AVOD (Ad-supported) - Hulu, TubiTV, Docurama, PlutoTV, Crackle, ROKU Channel, IMDbTV

TV - Streaming Hybrids - PlutoTV, YouTube TV, Sling, Indierights, Filmhub
UHD/4K - Roku, FandangoNow, Samsung, LG and other SmartTVs
Retail DVD/Bluray - Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, FYE, Amazon and forty other Online retailers

Step 5. Revenue share platform

As a freelancer, we know it may be challenging to track your projects, revenues and feedback. Bitrix24 Dashboard lets you effectively overview all details regarding your account in one place.

online collaborative assets


Make sure to Create your free online account on the the following film post-production management softwares. These enables TV, and film producers to manage all aspects of scheduling, shot lists, storyboards, script breakdowns, film approvals, and more.

Step 1. Google business

Google WorkspaceDashboard enables productivity tools for all the ways we work, connect, create, and collaborate.

Step 2. frame.io
Cloud-based collaboration platform enables you to stay connected with all your teams—on videos, images, and more—from anywhere on the planet.

project management

unified dashboard. Set tasks, receive work reports, and manage projects online with the ultimate “get things done” tool

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Key points to learn

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Keep company and customer data in a unified storage
Evaluate department and employee performance
Work process

project & Finance

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remote office

Helps work together

Unified workspace for collaboration and communication

Meeting planner

All work documents are kept on the Drive 

Video calls for up to 24 persons

Tasks and projects

Stay on schedule

Creating a task has never been easier! Just don't forget to do it 

Bitrix24 will always remind employees of their tasks

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Contact Center

Powerful communication tool

One chat to communicate with all customers from various messengers and social media

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Sites and online stores

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