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Now that you have video editing skills, it’s time to attract clients and make money.

You’ve been Sending proposals for all kinds of gigs on freelance marketplaces.

But you’re still getting rejected by clients.

Sounds familiar?

Let’s face it, you’re in a PRICE WAR, OUTBIDDING  against freelancers who compete for low rates.

Trying to win jobs based on prices will eventually force you to work for low rates and that means loosing money.

In freelance business, one of the most challenging stages is gaining recognition for your skills and work, but once clients come to know about your work, it becomes easier to get projects.

  • Do you have any TV show IMDb credits?
  • Do you have production company references to showcase previous work?

GIVES you IMDb Credits

clients love imdb credits

IMDB assigns you a "credibility" score. But here's the thing... It has to be real credits from a show or movie. The more truthful information you send, the easier clients can verify your credits and value your work.

showcase your work portfolio with quality content

Miss Multiverse TV show - YouTube fan club - editors program

This program gives you the limited rights to use our trademark, brand and TV show footage to mash up videos, for YouTube and you’re good to go!

The best way to get noticed by your potential clients is to create a name for yourself in the industry.

100% Real' TV show credits & branded content for you freelancing business portfolio.

Credibility & Reputation attracts clients and revenues

100 % Organic growth

There are zero financial risks involved

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Your potential clients will often ask to see your previous work to confirm your claims about your experience and skills.

If you don’t have any work to showcase, start working on that right away.

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